DTI 5000

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DTI 5000

DTI Designs

  • These machines are custom designed for vertical applications with the nose piece jaws fitting the customer’s part. The inline screwdriver assemblies can be designed for a wide range of applications and fastener types including screws, bolts, nuts, pins, or nails.


  • The standard screw feeder system cycles quickly delivering screws in less than one second in many applications.
  • The rigid units maintain contact between the bit and the fastener in order to locate the screw in predrilled or misaligned holes.
  • This system retracts the barrel fully when the driver starts, so that the driver components do not contact the work surface when the screw is driven.
  • The counterbore tip designs are ideal for screws located in counterbored or recessed holes.  These drivers can accommodate various counterbore hole depths as well.
  • Auto shut-off clutch
  • Adjustable settings for the feed blow time, bowl run time, barrel retract and extend time, and driver shut-off time in drive-to-depth applications
  • Designed for ease of maintenance

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