BeA Autotec Strip Nailer 296 with reloading station 297


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BeA Autotec Strip Nailer 296 with reloading station 297


For strip nail type R20 in lengths 130 – 160 mm  3.8 – 5.0 mm

BeA Autotec Strip Nailer 296


  • Magazine capacity of 2 nail strips
  • Magazine contol
  • “Dry firing” control
  • Multi directional nailing possible
    Reloading station 297 with automatic nail feeding
  • Reloading and feeding of the nails happens automatically
    using a cassette type holding bay for 90 nail strips
    (approx. 1,800 nails)
  • Filling of the nail cassette (straight out of the carton)
    takes minimal time
  • The loading station automatically corrects the position of the
    nail strip and feeds it correctly into the magazine of the nailer

Applications: Crating, heavy duty wooden packaging (pallets etc.) and the prefabricated house industry

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