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Headless Pinners


B6.35 Omer Headless Pinner Gauge: 23 Max fastener length: 1-3/8″ Feature:


B6.50 Omer fires both 23 gauge straight pins and 23 gauge slight […]

F20A GN-50 FS

F20A GN-50 FS Fasco The full sequential actuation ensures maximum safety, and […]

F23 A64-35PB

F23 A64-35PB Fasco Gauge: 23 Pins/ Brad length: 1/2″ – 1 3/8″ […]

F23AC A64-50 PB

F23AC A64-50 PB Fasco Gauge: 23 Fastener length: 1/2 – 2″ Features: […]


NF235A Max Headless Pinner Gauge: 23 Max fasteners length: 1-3/8″ Magazine capacity: […]


NF235A/23-35 Max Magazine capacity: 100 Fastener size: 1/2″ – 1-3/8″ Features: Safety […]


PR.30 Omer Headless Pinner Gauge: 23 Max fastener length: 1-3/16″ Feature: bottom loading […]


R8.28 Omer Headless Pinner Gauge: 21 Max fastener length: 1-1/8″ Feature: bottom loading […]

Newly added


Helmiprene 4545RD Helmitin Everyday, versatile spray contact cement Low viscosity adhesive for excellent spray pattern and atomization Fast drying with aggressive tacking, allows for quick lay ups Long open time to ensure accurate lamination Red coloured spray to visibly see where the spray has been applied to material High heat resistance  


B14.763NS Omer Gauge: 16 2-1/2″


FSN3490 Everwin Magazine Capacity: 90 Type 34° Paper Tape Collated Nails Shank type: Smooth, Screw Or Ring Nail Length: 2″~3-1/2″ Nail Head Diameter: 0.248″~0.303″ Nail Shank Diameter: 0.113″~0.131″ Features: Fires 13 cycles per second Metal exhaust cover 46mm wide rafter hook Top-loading all-metal magazine Tool-free depth adjustment Serrated contact arm Standard sequential trigger Ultra-compact nose […]

Featured Products

F1B 14-16

F1B 14-16 Fasco Stapler Gauge: 22 Crown: 3/8″ Max fastener length: 9/16″ Magazine capacity: 180  


DR-SR15LM Everwin Gauge: 15 Loading capacity: 100 rings Ring Hight: 15/32″ Crown: 7/8″ Open ring size: 3/4″ Closure ring size: 1/4″ Operating pressure: 70~100 psi    


35.22 Omer Carton Closer Magazine capacity: 100 Crown: 1-3/8″