Founded in 1995, Universal Fastening Systems is a private, family-owned business focused on connecting manufacturing businesses with the perfect tools and fasteners. Universal is a nationwide distributor of pneumatics and fasteners, with exclusive international partnership sources, allowing some of the largest, most prominent industry leaders to choose us as their main supply. 


UFS was imagined by Durval Medeiros, a hungry, young salesman who was eager to carve a niche into the world of pneumatics. 

He started his career in the industry in 1979 as a junior sales rep, where his success grew rapidly as he was promoted to the highest sales-budgeted territory within the first 12 months of starting out.  He quickly realized this potential as his sales and reputation grew, eventually becoming branch manager by 1991.  Shortly thereafter, he realized the next natural step would be to take the leap, and start his own business where he could control the customer experience from start to finish. 

Over the last 24 years, Durval has intentionally grown his reputation in the industry as a leader in customer experience, with many loyal customers who have stayed with him throughout his career for nearly 40 years. 


Over the past 4 decades, there have been many changes in the local production landscape, and UFS has withstood the storm with the movement of mass production offshore.  Universal has a passion for partnering with local manufacturers, as a way of preserving Canadian manufacturing and ensuring support of local businesses to withstand these economic changes.  Our goal is to understand and adapt to new business overseas, and foster new and local manufacturing in Canada. 

In 2010, Universal rebranded with a strategic focus on prefabricated modular construction and other similar growth industries, as new home construction and land development continue to expand locally.


COMMITMENT    local, Canadian manufacturing
LOYALTY    attention to customers needs for long and successful partnerships
EFFICIENCY   industry leverage with direct access to supply, volume purchasing and quick turnarounds

Durval Medeiros- Founder & President
Dean Bigwood- Sales Manager
Michelle Kittle- Operations Manager
Chand Chowbay- Logistics & Distribution
Ronnie Christie- Mobile Service Technician
Norm Mills- Service Technician